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What our visitors say about us!

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My nephew and I had great fun this afternoon visiting for his birthday. Games are fun, staff are friendly, and there’s a nice choice of food and snacks. I love the addition of board games to play whilst you have a drink. I’m sure we will be back!

We had such a great, nostalgic afternoon playing the retro games, alongside their modern counterparts! Our 7 year old son loved the nintendo switch games on the huge screen and enjoyed playing the games 'Mummy and Daddy played when they were little!'. The owners were so welcoming, relaxed and helpful, explaining how the machines worked and informing us of the games available.

We stopped for a drink after our gaming session, which was nice and relaxed with access to board games and cards.

Unfortunately we are from the mainland, otherwise I am sure we would become regular visitors. This is a great experience for young and old(er!) and we would highly recommend! Thanks for a great afternoon guys!

I had the absolute pleasure of being in one of the best gaming places I've been in for a long time.

there is fun for all I am most definitely coming back

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